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Business Perspective

When People dream about becoming financially secure through business ownership, it is not uncommon for them to become frightened. They are typically overwhelmed by what they don’t know about the process. John’s great passion is bringing process & clarity to the personal introspection & information gathering that is required in order to truly vet a business concept properly and to help his clients determine if it is the right fit for them.


As a Franchise Consultant with Capstone Franchise Advisors, Inc., John brings over 30 years of business experience to the franchise industry and has been a top performer in every business he has participated in since the beginning of his career. As a Corporate Sales Leader, Sales Management Leader, Customer Service Advocate, National Business Development Manager, Executive Leader, Real Estate Investor, Business Start-Up Specialist, or Principal/Entrepreneur, John has propelled his organizations to achieve peak performance, and to become leaders in their respective industries.

Benefits to Clients

John is a man of character. He, and his team, only work with business concepts and clients who are also of strong character. He brings a wealth of knowledge and tremendous business experience. This means that his clients get real information! He educates them & tells the whole story, the way it really is! This is critical to clients in determining which franchise opportunity best aligns with their strengths, personal & financial goals, as well as core values. And, he is absolutely committed to helping you make the best possible investment decision based on the criteria that you provide. This is why clients love working with him. We believe you will too.


“Strengthen the Mind; Strengthen the Body; Strengthen the Finances”, these are the core principles that John lives by.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, John exemplifies that strong Midwestern work ethic yet he has a personal commitment to family values and believes in a healthy work/life balance. He is passionate about keeping himself in shape and promotes maintaining a healthy lifestyle to his family members and to his clients as well. “Business is certainly about making money, but we all need to learn how to enjoy the money we’ve made. Creating time for family, exercise & personal interests is critical to maintain that balance.”

Married for over 28 years to beautiful wife Lori and father of 3, John has been actively involved in the personal, academic, and athletic development of all 3 of his children. Some of his most memorable life moments come through coaching his children in football, baseball, softball, speed & agility training, and weight training. Or, by simply being a spectator and watching his children perform while doing what they love to do.

Work/Life Balance

For John, the key to success and happiness in life is being truly “present” and “in the moment” with whatever he is doing. “Give it the ultimate attention and commitment required to achieve the best possible outcome.” When not working, working-out, or attending his children’s events, John enjoys vacationing, boating, reading, eating at the wonderful restaurants that the city of Chicago has to offer, and of course, listening to country music with his wife in one of his favorite places, Nashville Tennessee.
John Zelenika

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