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At Ohanalulu, we pride ourselves on delivering all-day service that goes beyond just satisfying hunger and quenching thirst. We create an experience that leaves a lasting impression on every customer who walks through our doors. Inspired by the Hawaiian spirit of “Ohana” (family) and “Lulu” (something remarkable), we foster a sense of belonging and outstanding hospitality in both our franchisees and customers alike.

By joining our family, you become a vital member of your local community, a place where people come to find solace, connection, and the warmth of genuine relationships. As an Ohanalulu franchisee, you’ll have the opportunity to build a business that becomes the heart of your community, where customers can always rely on being treated like family.

What sets Ohanalulu apart is our unique concept that combines irresistible food and beverages with an industry-leading app. We have created a one-stop shop that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences, ensuring every customer finds their perfect match. From delectable donuts to premium ice cream, and gourmet coffee, our menu offers a delightful array of options that keep customers coming back for more.

Speaking of our industry-leading app, it serves as a seamless bridge between our franchisees and customers, enhancing convenience, personalization, and loyalty. Through this innovative platform, you’ll have access to cutting-edge technology that streamlines operations, optimizes sales, and fosters deeper connections with your customers. This will be available both as an app on your phone, and as an in-store ordering station. It’s a game-changer that propels Ohanalulu to the forefront of the market.

As you progress on your Ohanalulu franchise journey, you’ll discover that we offer comprehensive support every step of the way. Our experienced team will guide you through the inquiry process, conduct video interviews to get to know you better, and provide you with the franchise disclosure document. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to visit our flagship location in Pendleton, IN, to experience the Ohanalulu magic firsthand.

Basic Franchise Info

Average Investment: N/A

Minimum Investment: $283500 - $733500

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Min. Liquidity: 150000

Years in Business: 2020

Open Units:

In-House Financing: Yes

Lead Assist: Yes

Coaching: Yes

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